Our team at DERMAPOLIS Medical Dermatology Center is full of hope that during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic you will stay healthy.  
We are excited to see you at your upcoming appointment!
Due to ongoing Covid19 pandemic we are taking extra precautions!

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DERMAPOLIS provides health care by means of innovative therapies offering treatment of skin diseases and clinical trials in the field of dermatology.
We base our medical care on the assumptions of EBM, with respect to patient's rights, under full legal and administrative supervision.

Dermatology First

At our facility, you will find modern methods of treatment, get access to latest  medical therapy, possible thanks to national and international collaboration.

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Board-certified dermatologists

Thanks to years of hands-on experience and abundant professional training, we are now able to provide our patients with professional health care. 

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Our Team

Our Team  - physicians, nurses and coordinators all have long experience in the scope of conducting clinical trials, especially in the field of dermatology. Moreover, they regularly participate in mandatory training to keep all their skills and knowledge up to scratch.

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Welcome to DERMAPOLIS, our Medical Dermatology Center.
On behalf of our staff, we would like to welcome you to our Facility. As a medical center, we not only provide specialist dermatologic services, but also offer high-level medical care, within the territory of Upper Silesia.

Our experienced, board-certified, dermatologists, together with expert nurses, and excellent study coordinators will help you seek out the best solutions to your skin problems, in compliance with the EBM principles. 
As doctors, nurses, and coordinators, we all have extensive experience as far as clinical trials are concerned, especially in the field of dermatology. Moreover, we make sure we always update and renew all the mandatory trainings, on a regular basis.
Our clinic is open from 10.00 until the last patient of the day has been served (we are at your disposal).
Because we do respect your time - kindly make an appointment beforehand to fix the time and date of your visit.

To learn more about our services, spare a moment of your time and explore our website.
DERMAPOLIS - quality you can trust!




Clinical trials in the field of dermatology are conducted by specialist investigators, dermatologists with many years of clinical experience, managed by experienced coordinators and supported by clinical trial nurses.
Medical care dedicated to Patients who agree to the examination is completely free of charge.

As mentioned before, we specialize not only in medical dermatology, but also in clinical trials. Our patients ought to know that the staff of “DERMAPOLIS” is highly specialized in that scope – we were the first Silesian team to have started helping patients with receiving top-quality dermatological therapy via clinical trials. To this end, we commenced to co-operate with prominent international companies based in the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Japan, to name just a few. 

DermatologySee the full list of proposed studies

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